Admont Abbey Library, Austria

Kaspy’s Problem

“So, last night…” Olli prompted, giving Kasperi time to respond. Instead of bragging, like he usually would, he shook his head.

“I probably shouldn’t talk about it,” he replied, without his usual smug ‘I just got laid’ smile. Beth and Hannah were out running errands, so the two Finns were alone eating breakfast.

“Was it that bad?” Olli laughed and set his coffee mug down. He eyed Kasperi carefully and noticed he seemed a little off.

“I really shouldn’t say anything, it wouldn’t be polite,” he shook his head again, as if to say they were done discussing the subject, but Olli pressed on. Continue reading.

I’m watching a fake wedding on tv and it’s making my cry. 

not to mention I’m eating a cheeseburger (with horseradish) and drinking vodka and orange juice.

what exactly has my life come to?

(I’m watching parks and recreation by the way)

I could watch him score goals all night…


Olli Määttä vs Tyler Bertuzzi

London Knights (2011)


and our sweet Finnish princeling with the first star of the game!! #happykappy

kappy gets his first goal! then has to wait while they actually give it to him


Kasperi is going to be quite the hottie when he’s older :-)

: )