Curiosity got the Cat

All Seb could hear was the blood rushing through his veins, his heart pounding like a drum. He tried to comprehend what he was seeing; it was what he wanted to see, and what he’d imagined for months, but now it was really here. Kimi was alive, and he hadn’t changed a bit.

“This season’s been shit without you,” Continue Reading


With the latest draft of her screenplay complete, Hannah and Olli flew to Oregon to visit her family, as promised. Due to the time differences between Oregon and Finland, they were often awake at night, and asleep during the day. On their first night, Hannah took him out to her family’s lake house. Continue Reading

olli and his unicornesque hair (x)

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Hannah found the quiet of Finland to be inspiring for her manuscript. She was starting to realize why she liked Olli, and Finnish people so much: they didn’t ask questions like ‘when are you getting married’ or ‘are you going to have any kids’ or anything like that. They barely even asked how you were, or how your day was. After dealing with questions like this from her mom and Beth and countless other relatives, it was nice. Nobody asked what she was working on, or when it was going to be published or if they could read it; they left her alone to work in on her screenplay in private. Continue reading.

Tuukka Rask choosing his outfit for the 2014 NHL Awards as shown on Behind the B on September 15, 2014.

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olli gets in a little trouble for bringing the pensTV cameras back to his apartment

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Sebastian Vettel [1/?]: Lips edition

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Cat slowly awoke and looked out her window. The dark clouds below told her they were still in flight and it was now night time, but not where they were. She stretched and yawned as she stood up, catching Seb’s attention from the back of the plane.

“Hey you’re awake!” He stood up and walked toward the bar. “Want a drink? It’s kind of cool your dad let us take his plane.” He started mixing two drinks without waiting for her response.

Cat snorted and replied sarcastically, “yeah, because everyone’s dad has a plane.” She leaned on the bar near Seb and he pushed her drink toward her. “Thanks. How’d you know I’d want a drink?” Continue Reading

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